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Access your office in the Cloud through your hosted Desktop or directly through our website portal.

Top-up your hosted applications whenever you need to with Microsoft Project, Visio, Access or Powerpoint. Take advantage of great benefits like easy file sharing, flexibility, remote working, built in backups and technical support. 

When you choose itsmydesktop from Alchemy Plus for your Hosted Desktop and Cloud Computing services, you will subscribe to the software applications you use regularly from our Software Library. You can then choose to add to, or 'top up' your basic service as and when you need to with additional software such as Microsoft Project, Visio, Access, Powerpoint etc.

To make it as easy, flexible and cost effective as possible, we make each software application listed in our Software Library available as a 'service' rather than as a 'product'. This means applications can be 'rented' from month to month and paid for on a per user basis with no need to buy outright. This method of using software in the Cloud is often referred to as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) and it's great when you only need an application for a few weeks or months.

Once subscribed to itsmydesktop, you can access your software and data files online from wherever you are through our easy to use website portal.

Step into the Cloud with Alchemy Plus and itsmydesktop and start reaping the rewards that this revolutionary service can offer with a free seven day trial.

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