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itsmydesktop features on BBC Radio Scotland

Alchemy Plus Chief Technology Officer, David Massey, has been interviewed by the BBC's Business Scotland programme. 


Microsoft: 56% cent of flexible workers believe they work more productively away from the office
In addition, 73% of staff in Europe want to work more flexibly according to a recent study commissioned by Microsoft and carried out by Vanson Bourne.

Next Generation Broadband Set for the Highlands and Islands
HIE is taking the first steps towards implementing a transformational project which will deliver access to superfast broadband for homes and businesses across the Highlands and Islands over the next few years. 

Your remote Windows desktop and hosted software applications available securely, online, all with the benefit of a single level Service Level Agreement. It's the Cloud but better.


Using itsmydesktop is similar to using your normal Windows computer, the only difference is that your applications and data are running on our high performance, resilient servers. itsmydesktop looks and behaves just like a standard Windows computer but you use your own PC to look at and control your remote, Hosted Desktop or software applications from wherever you are over the Internet.

A small client program called a 'plug-in' is installed on your local computer which allows your itsmydesktop experience to be as  seamless as possible. This plug-in ensures that you can print to your own printers and benefit from the best possible performance from your Hosted Applications, Hosted Desktop or Hosted Exchange services.

No actual data is transmitted across the Internet, only keyboard, mouse and screen updates but even so, just to make absolutely sure everything is as secure as it can be, any data that is transmitted across the Internet is done using 128 bit data encryption from our own data facility.  You can upload and download files between your local PC, USB or CD storage and itsmydesktop, this data transfer is sent across the same 128 bit encrypted connection.
All your data and software applications are backed up and managed under our Service Level Agreement (SLA). We also provide application and patch management within the SLA to ensure that you are running the latest versions of the software and that security is not compromised. Your itsmydesktop software applications are also virus protected ensuring they are safe secure. 

Try it out for free and tell us what you think.

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