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Using itsmydesktop for your remote desktop and other Cloud computer services means your data security and protection is assured.

With itsmydesktop Cloud services you know exactly where your data is at all times and it even provides instantaneous disaster recovery should the unexpected happen.

You can relax when you choose itsmydesktop for your Cloud services because the protection of your data is assured.  The itsmydesktop Helpdesk team at our Alchemy Plus data facility in the Scottish Highlands is there to help should you encounter any problems or have any queries.

Your data is stored on and delivered from our own servers housed in our own data facility just outside Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland and we take full responsibility for the safety and security of your data.  So you know exactly where your data is at all times and who is responsible for it.

We automatically take backups of your data five times every day with one of these being held securely off-site.  The recovery of deleted or corrupted files and folders is a simple procedure which you can often do yourself.

All of your data stays on our servers, it is not transmitted over the Internet so, as you use the service all that is transmitted are mouse clicks, keyboard strokes and screen refreshes. Even so, we like to make absolutely sure of security by ensuring that any data that is transmitted is encrypted to 128 bit security.

itsmydesktop also provides instantaneous disaster recovery. The preparation of your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan is a vital exercise in protecting your business against the unexpected. You can be assured that by getting connected to itsmydesktop from Alchemy Plus, your data is safe and easily accessible. We can help you get your business up and running again as soon as possible should the worst happen.

If you worry about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, itsmydesktop is the answer, contact us now for a free trial or a chat about how Alchemy Plus can help in your planning.  

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