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Significant savings are available by switching to itsmydesktop Cloud services

Let's take a look at the potential savings available for a selection of businesses with between 5 and 55 employees. Each business currently runs a fully supported in-house computer network based on one server for every 20 employees. 

Our businesses have 5, 9, 13, 25, 30, 40 and 55 employees.

The cost savings shown are based on typical Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 deployment for each of our example businesses.

The assumptions made are: 

  • All hardware and software is refreshed every 3 years
  • There is an average of 1 server for every 20 users
  • The typical cost of £3,500 for basic server hardware and  software, based on Microsoft SBS 2008 Standard with full deployment costs for 3 years
  • All users use Microsoft Office Standard
  • There is a purchase cost of £1,050 for an average small business PC for 3 years for all hardware, software and virus protection
  • Typical Managed Service Provider network support contract fees and adhoc support is paid for
The graph below gives us an insight into the actual monthly operating costs of a traditional small business network for each of our example businesses per user.  These costs include, electricity, licensing, technical support etc
Small Business TCO

By switching to itsmydesktop Cloud services, we can see from the graph below that the most significant savings are for those businesses with fewer than 25 employees.
itsmydesktop Savings

Full thin client deployment saves our businesses an average of 28% with 15% being saved by re-provisioning existing computers.

Contact the Helpdesk for a more detailed indication of what savings your business could make by switching to itsmydesktop Cloud service.

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